6 spices VINEGAR 50 cl

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Vinegar made from a clever mix of spices that give such a so characteristic taste : nervous and tonic.

With a bright red colour, this powerful vinegar will entrance the spiciest mouths.


Tasting advice : ideal to accompany a salad of beetroot or to make a game marinade. Perfect for deglaze red meat. Fabulous to accompany  warm pears.

Capacity : 50 cl

Origin : Var (FRANCE)

Ingredients :  biological fermentation vinegar of red wine from Provence, infusion of coriander, cinnamon, bay leaves, mace flowers and cloves.

Preserving : in a dry place, protected from light. Replace cap after each use

Feature : deposition of the mother vinegar can be formed. It does not affect the quality of vinegar. It is a guarantee of authenticity 100% natural.

Filtration : none

Acidity : 7,0 %

Residual alcohol : 0,1 %

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