A dash of vinegar and everything changes ...  in better! This condiment enhances flavors, tickles our taste buds and awakes our appetit. The vinegar keeps things and preserves us. So drink daily our vinegar.


This is to wine that vinegar exists. It is its natural child : leave a bottle of wine uncorked, it will turn into vinegar. In other words, don't seek its inventor. It is chance that did things. There are traces of vinegar production in Egypt and Mesopotamia, there are over 5000 years.


Since then, the history of mankind is linked to this 'sour wine' which the ancients speak. Among the Romans, as among the Greeks, the most popular drink will be for a long time the water with a mild vinegar. It is used for everything, not just as a drink but also as a condiment. It is flavored with herbs, flowers or fruit. Vinegar is also appreciated for its therapeutic properties ... Without doubt this is the first natural antibiotic of all time. Hence its use against the 'miasma' and later against the plague.


Over the centuries, the goal is to accelerate its manufacturing and a lot of testing were made. The Corporation of Vinegar - it dates back to 1394 - has noticed that the living materials accelerate the acidification but it is only in the nineteenth century that Shepherd discovered the mystery of vinegar... It is a bacterium - Mycoderma aceti - that sets the oxygen in the air on the alcohol and turns it into acid until disappearance of alcohol in the middle.


Source : SNFV